Eleventy The possum is Eleventy’s mascot

11ty.dev Style Guide

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Inline List

Number Flags

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Number Flags in Headings

Step 1 Notice how the border disappears under the flag

Step 2 Do a thing

Step 3 Do a thing

Step 4 Do a thing


“Seriously can't remember enjoying using a Static Site Generator this much. Yes Hugo is rapid, but this is all so logical. It feels like it was designed by someone who has been through lots of pain and success using other SSGs.”—philhawksworth’s twitter avatarPhil Hawksworth


Inline Buzzwords

This Buzzword is in a header

This Buzzword is in a header



Buzzword Lists

Info Block

Default info message with an inline Code block
Default warning message with an inline Code block

Sticky info block

Use the elv-callout-sticky class to affix to the top of the viewport while scrolling.